Pan Bagnat (with Salmon and Leek)

pan bagnat-2

When it comes to food preparation in the Summer months, when the children are around, I need it to fit two criteria. Firstly, for me it has to be about making food ahead – more fun all round – and secondly enjoying food that will ‘travel’. I am thinking days out, picnics and trips to the beach. You get my drift. You want something satisfying and relatively mess free. This Pan Bagnat ‘ticks all the boxes’. [Read more…]

Just Sourdough Bread


When I say ‘Just’ Sourdough Bread in this context, I mean it as a compliment. There is something hugely satisfying about baking something with a simple list of ingredients that has such depth of flavour, a fabulous crunchy crust with a chewy middle and is wonderfully wholesome to boot. No fancy ingredients or fillings required, ‘Just’ Sourdough… [Read more…]

A Sourdough Starter…

Image-1 (31)

I have wanted to make ‘artisan’ baked goods for a long time now. The staple of any decent Artisan bakery being the sourdough bread, in my opinion. [Read more…]

Seeded Wholemeal Bread Fingers

breadfingers-1The good news is school is out for the kids – Yay! The not-so-good news is they are constantly hungry…

Trust me there is no lack of food in this house and the oven is on more often than not, but these kids are growing and I need to keep up!

Okay, so this is not the prettiest of bakes but these Seeded Wholemeal Bread Fingers are my solution to a  wholesome, straightforward, satisfying snack. [Read more…]