A Leibster Award


No recipes today. An award!!

I was so very excited to be nominated for a Leibster Award from Stephanie and Kelly from Long Distance Baking! A Leibster Award is not a physical award but a chain blog award which is passed around the blogging community as a fun way to get to know each other and introduce new blogs to one another.

I need to share 11 random facts about myself (harder than I thought); answer the questions directed to me by my nominator; nominate further blogs and in turn, ask 11 questions for them to answer. So here goes.

Random facts about me:-

  • My all time favourite movie is ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ with Pierce Brosnan – love the music, the actors and the New York City setting!!
  • I am a child of the 1970’s and my birth sign is Virgo.
  • I love to travel and have been very fortunate to have visited 31 countries. I have also lived in New York City and the United Arab Emirates.
  • I don’t drink coffee,  I am totally a tea drinker. Earl Grey being my favourite.
  • My guilty pleasure would be a ‘Pot Noodle’.
  • I am quite tall, 1.81m.
  • I love vintage kitchenalia and Scandinavian design.
  • I would LOVE to own one of these!!…. 



  • My mum and I once completed the New York City Marathon.
  • I am a qualified reflexologist and aromatherapist. (I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor by profession.)
  • I love having fresh flowers in the house……and hate having my photo taken!


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Questions from Kelly and Stephanie

1. What made you decide to start this blog?

For the past ten years I have loved baking. Up until two years ago, I had no knowledge, or interest in blogs until I stumbled on some very lovely baking blogs. I thought how nice it would be to have one to call my own but was daunted by my completely outdated technical knowledge. Anyway, I decided to ‘bite the bullet’, spent many a late night on technical tutorials, bought myself a camera and got baking. For me, the blog is my hobby. It encourages me to experiment and document my baking and share it with anyone who may be interested!

2. How did you choose your blog name?

My blog name needed to reflect my baking hobby and my passion for it. I think ‘The Contented Baker’ sums it up perfectly.

3. What blogs do you follow regularly?

Gosh, I follow many blogs and am drawn to them for different reasons. Here is a selection of some blogs I follow; Bakes in Slippers, Milk and Honey, Pastry Affair, Bonheur Cuisine, Playing with Flour, The Cupcake Confession, Cookie Monster Cooking, Honey and Figs, What Jessica Baked Next.

4. What is your favourite food to eat?

My favourite food to eat would be either Mexican – lovely salsas, fajitas, refried beans, enchiladas, quesadillas or Nordic/Scandinavian – lots of fresh fish, fresh vegetables, fabulous sourdough breads, fragrant buns and pastries!

5. What is your favourite food to make?

Sweet dough! Doughnuts, buns, sweet rolls – naughty but so delicious and comforting.

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I am so lucky to have travelled to many exciting destinations but I would still love to travel on the Trans-Siberian Express, visit Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia.

 7. What is your dream job?

Now I am thinking about this, there are a few of possibilities. I would love to own and manage a successful Artisan Bakery with windows full of giant meringues, Bavarian cakes, brownies, cookies, tarts, sourdough and pastries with a long line of customers outside everyday! Maybe some sort of travel, culinary writer would be a very exciting job. Or, how about a buyer for Food52 Provisions? What a great job that would be, seeking out fabulous, stylish kitchen products and delicious treats. Yes, it has to be that one!

 8. Do you have any siblings? If so, where are they living and what are they doing?

I have a younger brother who works for a large European bank. He is currently living in London but his job takes him all over the world and he has most recently lived in Moscow. He totally spoils my three kids!

9. What is your favourite holiday?

My favourite season/holiday would be Easter or Spring. To me Spring means the weather is improving, flowers are blooming, everything is new and fresh. From a baking point of view, there are hot cross buns, Simnel Cake, decorated cookies, chocolate and lots of seasonal vegetables.

10. What would be the 3 things you would take with you on a deserted island?

A sun hat, sunscreen (mixed with insect repellent!) and a like-minded companion for plenty of conversation!


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1. Viviana at Bonheur Cuisine.

2. Samina at The Cupcake Confession.

3. Consuelo at Honey and Figs.

4. Stefanie at Schon & Gut.

5. Monica at Playing With Flour.

6. Lilli at Sugar and Cinnamon.

7. Kelly at Left Side of the Table.


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My questions for the nominees:

1. How did you select your blog name?

2. What is your favourite type of post to write and why?

3. Do you prefer to bake / cook sweet or savoury?

4. What is your most used recipe book and why?

5. Who inspires you most in the culinary field?

6. Name five of your most used ingredients.

7. What was the last book you read?

8. Name four of your ‘Desert Island Discs’ and why? (Records/tunes you would take with you on a desert island)

9. What do you consider to be your biggest achievement to date?

10. What is your ultimate vacation destination and why?

11. If you were part of a triathlon team, what would be ‘your’ event – the swim, run or cycle?!


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I hope you have enjoyed this post. I look forward to hearing more about my nominees and hope they are able join in the fun (unless they have been nominated already).

Enjoy the week!


  1. Thank you for nominating me Jo! I get it now! It will be a pleasure to participate. I love the random facts about you! I have found so many similarities..but not in our height! I am a true “petite” The post is awesome.

    • thecontentedbaker says:

      Ha Ha! I am so pleased you like it! Thanks for participating and I can’t wait to hear your answers! 😉

  2. I love reading these types of posts! So fun to “get to know” you a little bit better 🙂

    haha and I’m with you on bringing the sunscreen and a hat!! A must whenever I’m outside!

    • thecontentedbaker says:

      Thanks Ashley – It is fun to write too! Though I found random facts about myself (that might be interesting) quite tricky. Hope you had a great birthday weekend! 🙂

  3. Hi Jo – thank you for thinking of me! : ) Can I tell you…I recall seeing this kind of post but I have never been more entertained! I loved learning those random facts about you and I adore your answer to your dream job so much (I would like to work for you in your bakery). I also love your blog title. It is so smart and fitting. : )

    • thecontentedbaker says:

      Thank you so much Monica! It was fun to write and made me have a think about a few different things! Random (interesting) facts about myself was the most difficult! Enjoy the weekend 🙂

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